ROYAL CANIN® Renal Select Adult Dry Dog Food

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Size 2kg

ROYAL CANIN® Renal Select is a dry kibble diet for adult dogs with Chronic Renal Insufficiency.

Formulated with an adapted energy content, ROYAL CANIN® Renal Select helps to reduce meal volume to support your dog if they have a reduced appetite. ROYAL CANIN® Renal Select contains a specifically reduced phosphorus content and very high-quality proteins to support renal function. Attracting your dog to their food bowl isn’t always easy in cases of food aversion.

To cater to each dog’s individual preferences, ROYAL CANIN® Renal Select is also available as wet food with a loaf-like texture. Alternatively, ROYAL CANIN® Renal and ROYAL CANIN® Renal Special wet and dry food diets are also available, in order to provide a variety of textures and aromas to support your dog’s changing preferences. If your dog enjoys a mixed diet of wet and dry food, be sure to reference the on-pack feeding guides to ensure a healthy daily food intake for your dog.