We understand that dogs are an important family member who deserve the very best healthcare. This is not always easy if they find visits to the vets stressful.

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Expert vets & pet parents too

Our MyDogdoc vets can help with any issue – big or small. Through educational content, virtual health events, tailored, vet approved products and a mobile app that personalises pet care, help is just a click away!

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As a new puppy parent it was so reassuring to be able to speak to someone that quickly. You don’t know if something is serious or not
or if it requires a physical vet appointment so it was great to be able to speak to the MyDogDoc team first. Highly recommend downloading the MyDogDoc app!

– Rebecca Austin

MyDogDoc what a fantastic service. Put my mind at rest and Honey is happy too! 100% recommendation if you have a question about your fur baby! Xxx

– Caroline Aby

Throughout the year my whippy boy has had complex tummy troubles that required prescription food and regular visits to the vets. Now at 3 years old, his condition is manageable but there are still occasions when he isn’t quite
himself. MyDogDoc has been amazing with convenient vet access for my priceless peace of mind.

– Caroline Dawson