Canikur® Pro Paste 30ml

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Canikur® Pro paste is a dietary supplement that supports the natural intestinal balance in dogs.

Canikur® Pro paste contains 3 ingredients to support normal gut function: probiotic, montmorillonite and BioMos®-C.

How is it administered?
It is designed to be tasty – most dogs love the meat flavour and will eat the paste straight from the syringe. You can also add the paste to their food.

How much do I give?
Canikur Pro is administered orally, directly into your dog's mouth, or it can be mixed with your dog's food. The recommended dosage, by body weight, is as follows:
  • Less than 10 kg: 2 ml twice daily
  • 11 to 25 kg: 4 ml twice daily
  • 26 to 40 kg: 6 ml twice daily
  • Over 40 kg: 8 ml twice daily

Important information
If your pet’s condition deteriorates at any time, contact your vet